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About Consumer Trends Food Marketing

Consumer Trends Food Marketing is a professional sales and marketing company with a strong belief and commitment to marketing the products we represent with "Integrity". The reason Consumer Trends Food Marketing is successful is because we pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships while developing a high level of trust and commitment to our manufacturers and customers.


The companies we represent can be assured that we will bring their products to market in a professional sales manner and will not compromise the integrity of the manufacturers or of our customers.


In 1997, Jack Ryback merged his company, "Ryback Food Marketing, Inc." with John Fosse of Consumer Trends Marketing, Inc. to from the new corporation, Consumer Trends Food Marketing, Inc. to expand the business and enhance the company's technical sales capabilities.

Why Consumer Trends?


What sets us apart begins with your first phone call. We have a live person answering your phone calls during business hours. No machine to direct your call to various departments or extensions. We pride ourselves on courtesy, and we're here to answer your calls personally.


Our executives have an extensive technical knowledge and background in the food and food packaging industries, and our support staff provides unsurpassed customer service. Each person has been with the company for the long haul, through numerous advances in technology and changes in product lines. We're dedicated to each other and to our customers and manufacturers.


Consumer Trends Food Marketing has a history of successfully pioneering new products. Our original ideas and marketing strategies stem from our extensive technical knowledge and background in the industry, along with our ability to foresee industry trends in the marketplace.


We have solid, long-term customer relationships. Because of these special relationships, our customers can trust us to bring new ideas into their marketplaces to increase their sales and profits. Consumer Trends Food Marketing is the trusted link between our customers and manufacturers, to gain entry into the market, and then maintain and grow the business.


Our Consumer Trends Food Marketing team is outfitted with the latest technology to help us work proficiently and expertly. From email to cell phones to voicemail or fax, we're always "in touch". We have in-house equipment and expertise to produce fine quality graphic artwork and marketing pieces. We have technology to provide sales records, pricing and other financial reporting.


Consumer Trends Food Marketing represents manufacturers who do not have competing product lines. We limit the number of manufacturers we represent because we feel "Quality" representation is better than "Quantity". In addition, we target volume business. Volume business builds truckloads.


Bigger isn't always better. Consumer Trends Food Marketing is happy to be small and personal, it's "What Sets Us Apart" from the rest!

Do You Need Help?

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